The Hemerocallis, or daylily, is a flowering perennial garden plant which is available in numerous varieties. Halsema Nursery is a large Hemerocallis nursery on Texel. We have years of experience growing these colourful and unusual plants and our company offers hundreds of different cultivars.

Hemerocallis: colourful daylily

The Hemerocallis is a beautiful garden plant with brightly coloured flowers which create cheerful accents in the garden. Although a flower blooms only once a day, the plant has many stems and buds. When one bloom finishes, the next one opens.

Large diverse assortment of Hemerocallis

Halsema Nursery cultivates hundreds of kinds of Hemerocallis. These include well-known varieties, such as the Stella d'Oro, Sammy Russell and Crimson Pirate, but also many of the best cultivars that have come on the market in recent decades.

Export and wholesale

In America the Hemerocallis is very popular and has been one of the most sold garden plants for many years. In Europe, more and more interest is also building. Many of our plants are also intended for export. Are you curious about what Halsema Nursery can do for you as a wholesaler or supplier?

See our assortment of Hemerocallis and contact us.

Assortment Hemerocallis

  • Altered State
    Altered State
    • Kleur: Rood met gele keel en donker rood oog
    • Hoogte: 71cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 14 cm
    • Bloeitijd: vroeg-midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Groenblijvend
    • Opmerkingen:
  • Brilliant Circle
    Brilliant Circle
    • Kleur: Cremegeel met rood oog
    • Hoogte: 50cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 9cm
    • Bloeitijd: Vroeg- midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Afstervend
    • Opmerkingen:
  • Gillian
    • Kleur: Lavendel met purper oog
    • Hoogte: 65cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 12cm
    • Bloeitijd: Midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Groenblijvend
    • Opmerkingen:
  • Country Pride
    Country Pride
    • Kleur: Oranje
    • Hoogte: 70cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 12cm
    • Bloeitijd: Vroeg - midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Groenblijvend
    • Opmerkingen:

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