Our garden centre on Texel is full of flowering plants, perennials, trees and shrubs, suitable for any garden. Whether you have a green thumb or not, Halsema Garden Centre offers floral solutions for every garden. The climate on Texel (sea breeze) means that not every plant or tree is suitable. The whole range of Halsema Nursery is Texel-resistant.

Texel Garden Centre: not a standard garden centre

Halsema Garden Centre is not a standard garden centre. For us, personal guidance and true craftsmanship are central. Our focus is specifically on plants, trees and gardens, with new plants available every season.

Large assortment

In the spring, we grow a wide range of annual summer flowers. Every year we test new crops and varieties to provide a top-notch collection of plants. Complemented by the finest plants, trees and shrubs from high quality suppliers, we provide an extensive range at Texel Garden Centre. You can also contact us for turf and soil. Something not in stock? Then we can of course order it for you!

Advice and service

All of our employees have a thorough knowledge of plants. We are happy to help, so feel free to ask. Need help discovering the possibilities for your garden? We can give you advice to maintain a continuously blooming garden.

Assortment Hemerocallis

  • 1611
    • Kleur:
    • Hoogte: cm
    • Bloemdiameter: cm
    • Bloeitijd:
    • Herbloei:
    • Blad:
    • Opmerkingen:
  • Destined to See
    Destined to See
    • Kleur: Crème met lavendel oog en rand
    • Hoogte: 60cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 15cm
    • Bloeitijd: Midden - laat
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Groenblijvend
    • Opmerkingen:


  • Twenty Four Karat Ruffles
    Twenty Four Karat Ruffles
    • Kleur: Rose met gele keel en gouden rand
    • Hoogte: 65cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 11cm
    • Bloeitijd: Vroeg - midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Afstervend
    • Opmerkingen:
  • Moment of Truth
    Moment of Truth
    • Kleur: Wit
    • Hoogte: 60cm
    • Bloemdiameter: 11cm
    • Bloeitijd: Midden
    • Herbloei: Ja
    • Blad: Groenblijvend
    • Opmerkingen: